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Our Story

I had gotten Licorice in November of 2018. I had gone to a pet store near me and picked up some items. Licorice instantly knew that these toys were not up to his standards and would not except any of the toys I had gotten him. I thought that he was just a bunny that didn't like toys. I got Truffles in July of 2020 and when I was getting ready to adopt Truffles, I bought some new toys. This time I decided to buy online from a smaller business. Truffles loved her toys and, surprisingly, Licorice did as well. It hit me that Licorice did like toys, just not the mass produced, coming from the unknown, toys.  

In September of 2020, I cam across bunny subscription boxes and I thought the bunnies would really enjoy getting some new products every month. The more I looked into it though, the more I realized that some toys were unsafe or that the treats had molasses in them and other unnecessary ingredients. I continued to dig determined that I would find a subscription box that was safe and included toys they would actually play with. Unfortunately, I did not find any that fit my criteria, so I decided that needed to change.

Towards the end of November 2020, I decided to do something about my dilemma and came up with the idea of Boop Box. 


Our Team

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 12.08.17

In charge of everything that requires hands! Sometimes believes that the bunnies are the ones that are actually in charge.


A 3 year old Holland lop, known for sleeping and being very picky! All treats and toys have passed inspection by him.


A 2 year old lop that is an amazing photographer and also an amazing model! She enjoys taking photos for our website and posting on social media.

Our Team
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