Welcome to Boop Box

Any new subscribers will receive the December box as the first box of the subscription

Our mission is to provide bunny owners a way to provide safe treats, toys, and forages to their bunnies, in a convenient way. All of our toys, treats, and forages are from small businesses and are 100% safe. Now you don't have to spend hours googling and wasting your time, when you could spend that time with your rabbit(s).

A Unique Bunny Subscription Box

Our Story

We had struggled with our bunnies not wanting their toys, until we discovered that they did enjoy toys, just not low quality ones. We learned that small businesses often have better quality toys and wanted to make a subscription box that was based off of that.

Restock Days and Shipping Days

If you would like to order, you can order the next months box between the first day and the last day of the month. All boxes will ship out on the first Monday of the month.